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MULTI-SEAL "Preventative" Sealants -Your 1st Choice for the best performance and strengthening your ROI. By installing the MULTI-SEAL sealant into the tire as early in its life as possible, punctures can be sealed at the instant they occur throughout the life of the tire. Proven over millions of hard miles with truck fleets and off-road equipment, MULTI-SEAL prevents up to 95% of common tire failures from punctures and under-inflation.

Heavy Duty - Formulated to seal up to 5/8" punctures, seal bead leaks and stop under-inflation from rubber porosity.  Our Heavy Duty Environmental Formula incorporates propylene glycol, an environmentally safe formula option. 

Hydro-Seal -  For use in ballasted tires.  Fill up with water, add the proper dosage of Hydro-Seal, and protect your tires from punctures, valve and rim leaks, corrosion and freezing (temperature depends on dosage.  Ask your dealer for details).  

Armor-Seal -  Used by military organizations, mining operations, and wherever severe terrain and environments require the ultimate in tire protection.  Tested on the battlefield, proven in mines and dump sites, Armor-Seal is the heavy hitter. 

We supply Multi-Seal High Performance Tire Sealant products in 275 gallon, 55 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes.  We also supply Heavy Duty formula in 1 gallon bottles for the small tractor/utility vehicle segment.  We support the sport vehicle and smaller work vehicle segments through our General Purpose line of sealants, formulated for easy installation into smaller tires and sold in 32 oz. bottles complete with valve stem remover and installation tube. These products are sold through sports vehicle dealers, farm implement suppliers, and various service centers.

All of the Multi-Seal tire sealants contain a powerful anti-corrosion system. The sealants are compatible with retreading operations, are completely washable, and last the life of the tire.  Ask for Multi-Seal products at major tire service centers, rental equipment companies, equipment sales and service centers and power sports outlets.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in locating a nearby dealer, discussing your applications, or answering any of your questions. 

Depending upon fleet size, savings in new tire replacements, maintenance and costly downtime can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars. One low-cost MULTI-SEAL treatment lasts the life of the tire, costs less than one tire repair, and extends tread life by 20% or more.

You Can’t Buy Better Protection Against Punctures and Leaks
MULTI-SEAL is the only high performance sealant company nationwide which offers a complete flat prevention system. We have all of the equipment and tools for installation, along with easy to understand instructions and videos, as well as on-site fleet training. If questions arise, a technical support team is available via our 800 number for easy access.

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